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It’s Not Just 20K (INJ20K) is a volunteer run  group that provides camaraderie, education and resources, as well as survivor to survivor support, for those impacted by Military Sexual Misconduct (MSM) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Veterans Emergency Transition Services (VETS) Canada exists solely to help our Canadian veterans. Whatever the need, you can reach out to us in confidence, and we’ll do what it takes to help.

Project All In Foundation and “the coin” was created to help the first responder community start conversations about their mental wellness, help debrief calls, and ultimately to aid in suicide prevention. Taking the first step to ask for help can be hard. Members who have the All In coin can simply slide it forward towards another member and a conversation is initiated. The recipient of the coin can be an active listener or start the conversation if need be. The coin may also be presented to a friend or family member. Project All In recognizes the need for all first responders to have easier access to resources in support of their mental health and well being.

We know that silence, stigma, and suicide are our biggest enemies. Understanding that, we strongly believe that this program has the power to help our Nations Responders. Know that you are not alone in this fight, it is OK to ask for help and to bridge the gap to appropriate resources.

The Cornerstone Program is for adults 26+ years of age who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction or concurrent disorders and want intensive structured support to help them manage their symptoms and regain control of their life.

Clinical experience has shown that first responders, military, and veterans can relate to one another’s experiences in a powerful way, and treatment at Ravensview is built around this. The Guardians Program at Ravenview treats first responders, military, and veterans as a distinctive group, whose workplace experiences are unique and present unique challenges. It is important to note that individuals do not have to have an addiction to come to treatment at Ravensview, they may be seeking treatment and support for depression, anxiety, or trauma.

Blue Life Academy delivers web-based, behavioural health education for law enforcement professionals. Our educational services are built on scientifically-supported principles and practices, such as acceptance and commitment training, heart rate variability biofeedback, mindfulness, and other mind-body approaches. We are excited to pay forward in the Blue Life Academy what we’ve learned works for law enforcement professionals.

Camp My Way is a residential wilderness program for first responders and their families who have been affected by posttraumatic stress (PTSD). The ultimate goal is to help people get their lives back and reconnect with their family and friends through teamwork, self-discipline, meditation, exercise, nutrition and sharing positive experiences, in a natural environment. We have designed a program of activities and adventure for our campers to push personal limits, break down barriers, and reestablish a relationship not only with nature, but also with themselves. These experiences will provide our campers with the tools to cope with everyday struggles, and teach them about problem solving strategies, setting new goals and the importance of daily routines.

Blue Life Coach is a behavioural health education and training toolkit designed to help law enforcement professionals lower stress, improve sleep, reduce emotional reactivity, increase situational awareness, sharpen mental clarity and problem-solving skills, and live life with more purpose and vitality.