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It’s Not Just 20K (INJ20K) is a volunteer run  group that provides camaraderie, education and resources, as well as survivor to survivor support, for those impacted by Military Sexual Misconduct (MSM) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

At its core Warrior Adventures Canada is a peer support organization. Using experienced military leaders with backgrounds in outdoor adventure, we take our participants on life-changing expeditions. Learning how to handle stressful situations from our nations best just makes sense.

The Veterans Alliance of Canada holds weekly Peer Support groups for our members at our offices. These informal evening get-togethers allow like-minded individuals to share a meal and talk about anything we wish to discuss. Peer support allows Veterans to speak freely with others who’ve been through similar experiences.

My Cadence offers personalized mental health support for Canadian
Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders, and their Families dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, paranoia, disassociation, insomnia, addiction and more.

Veterans Transition Network offers Veteran-to-Veteran peer support
service, provided by phone or secure video-chat. Training and coaching for peer supporters is led by VTN clinicians

Veterans Transition Network offers a 5 day, in-person, retreat-based workshop assists with transition skills and the challenges of COVID-19.

Womens Warrior Healing Garden offers a variety of research-informed therapeutic programs in curated safe spaces. Programming includes peer support, peer support training and individual and group therapeutic activities.

Therapeutic activities can help cope with and overcome anxiety, PTSD and other effects of trauma. They are supervised by registered psychotherapists or social workers and peer supporters.

Spousal Resiliency Program is clinically facilitated group-based trauma support in which participants learn regulation and resourcing skills and are guided to understand the function of emotions while exploring parts of themselves that have been wounded through their relationship with an injured spouse.

Before Operational Stress (BOS) is a group-based intervention program designed for any individual who has been or is likely to be exposed to operational stress and potentially psychologically traumatic events.

Wings of Change’s Family Peer Support Program offers solution-based discussion and education regarding any work-related trauma and mental health challenge. These informal meetings are facilitated by peers experiencing similiar concerns with traumatic calls/events and who are interested in sharing suggestions on how to maintain or improve mental health. We always refrain from “trauma talk” as this may be a trigger to some participants and is best discussed with professional healthcare providers.