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Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families and the Canadian Legacy Project partner on military women Veterans’ transition experiences study

Ottawa, ON – April 23, 2024 – After leaving the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Veterans have reported experiencing challenges in several areas in their lives, from employment to loss of identity. There has been an increase in Canadian research about the transition from military to post-service life in order to understand the factors that promote an optimal transition, but women’s specific experiences remain understudied. For this reason, the Canadian Legacy Project has partnered with the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families to conduct a study on the experiences of women Veterans during their transition from the military.

Fardous Hosseiny, President and CEO of the Atlas Institute, referred to this as a much-needed initiative, adding, “We know that women Veterans’ experiences can be different from that of men Veterans and that research is needed to inform tailored programming and supports for women who have transitioned — and are in the process of transitioning — to post-military life,” he said. “We expect the partnership with the Canadian Legacy Project will help identify some of the critical factors that impact transition and generate evidence to enhance the design of programs and supports.”

This study, which is being commissioned by the Canadian Legacy Project, will fall under the Atlas Institute’s broader program of research on women Veterans’ health and well-being. Dr. Sara Rodrigues, Director of Applied Research of the Atlas Institute added: “There is much that remains to be done for women Veterans to receive the support and care they need and deserve. Our goal is to work with women Veterans, amplifying their voices to inform research and initiatives and ensure they reflect their needs and priorities.”

“The increase of women enrollment in the Canadian military is reshaping the Veteran population. Women Veterans’ unique experiences can impact healthcare programs and this research will go a long way to ensure that their feedback helps shape the supports require to help them successfully transition back to civilian life.” David Howard, Founder and President of the Canadian Legacy Project noted. “Unfortunately our women Veterans are more likely to experience some types of traumatic events, such as sexual assault, during their service that is associated with a high risk for developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” Howard added.

Recruitment is set to begin in the near future and will be communicated through the Atlas Institute’s and the Canadian Legacy Project’s channels once it has started.

For more information, contact:


David Howard
Founder and President
Canadian Legacy Project
(403) 620-4255 


The Canadian Legacy Project is a national registered charity established in 2008 to support Canadian Veterans in their time of need and advocate on their behalf. The Canadian Legacy Project builds, directs and supports free programs for our Canadian Veterans to help them successfully transition back to civilian life. In parallel to this, the Canadian Legacy Project works with Canadas’ youth to educate them about the heroism and sacrifice made by our Canadian Veterans.

Quick Facts:

  • The Canadian Legacy Project provides free access to important services for Veterans, including housing, education, training, support services, programing and supports specific to women Veterans.
  • The Canadian Legacy Projects’ Business Boot Camp has become the fastest growing and most successful entrepreneurial training program for Canadian Veterans looking to start their own business.
  • The Canadian Legacy Project continues to be a lead partner of the Homes For Heroes charity, building tiny home communities for unhoused Veterans.


The Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families works with Veterans, Families, service providers and researchers to bridge the divide between research and practice so Veterans and their Families can get the best possible mental health care and supports. The Atlas Institute was originally established as the Centre of Excellence on PTSD and Related Mental Health Conditions, through the Minister of Veterans

Quick facts:

  • The Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families was established to provide easier access to information, research, tools and expertise on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related mental health conditions.
  • Since its inception, Atlas has contributed to the publication of numerous peer-reviewed articles and created various knowledge products, including fact sheets, written resources, videos and infographics. Atlas has led or is currently leading dozens of research projects and has partnered on many others.
  • Atlas actively engages Veterans and their Families as key partners, co-investigators and co-authors of its research, including a process for their participation in reviewing research outcomes from a lived expertise perspective.
  • It also collaborates and partners with Veterans and Families to understand which issues matter most to them, using that knowledge to work with them and with service providers and researchers to co-create resources and knowledge products that fit the unique culture and needs of the Veteran and Family communities.