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Brain Injury Awareness Month: Explore, educate, advocate

The month of June provides the opportunity to raise awareness about brain injuries and their impact on both Veterans and their Families. Brain injuries can be caused by various impacts to the brain, which can result in mild to lifelong damage. In the military and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Veteran community, brain injuries are often missed, as symptoms can be mistaken as signs of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is possible to have a brain injury without event realizing it.

“Even with a TBI, people can still live a good quality of life, just in a different way.”

— Veteran and Family member

Throughout Brain Injury Awareness Month, the Atlas Institute will spotlight different resources and initiatives focused on building understanding about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

New TBI resources for Veterans, Veteran Families and those who work with them

Veterans and Veteran Families should have the information they need to feel empowered to confidently advocate for themselves. These resources were created as tools to use throughout all stages of traumatic brain injury and even to help identify TBI in yourself or someone you love. These resources can also be used by those who work closely with Veterans, enabling them to offer more effective support. Learn more.

Learn more about TBIs in the military and RCMP Veteran community. Listen to one of our Mind Beyond the Mission podcast episodes featuring both the lived experience of a person with TBI and the clinician perspective:

June is also designated as PTSD Awareness Month, offering a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding about PTSD and its potential overlaps with symptoms of brain injuries. Learn more

Additional resources

 Here are some other resources and support for individuals at all phases of TBI recovery and for for their Families and caregivers.

  • Brain Injury Canada: Explore a resource hub for those with brain injuries, Family members and health care professionals.
  • Concussion Legacy Foundation: Resources for Veterans and Families affected by chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and concussions.
  • Operation Brain Health: The Concussion Legacy Foundation’s library of brain health resources for members of the military community and others affected by brain trauma and their caregivers and loved ones.
  • Project Enlist Canada: Learn about how you can help support military Veterans with TBIs by participating in research to better understand the impacts of brain trauma and provide insights on prevention and treatment.