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Tips for making the season a little easier

While many of us are gearing up for the holiday season, for some Veterans and their Families this time of the year is marked by grief, anxiety and depression. The pressure to be social, festive and joyful can be too much for many living with a post-traumatic stress injury. For others, separations from Family and friends can create intense feelings of sadness and longing.

At the Atlas Institute, we know that the season can be a difficult one to navigate. We know that Veterans can be surrounded by their Families and friends and still feel lonely. Veterans can be spreading kindness in their communities during this season and still feel hopeless. It’s possible to be experiencing the joys of this season with people you love and still feel discouraged. You are not alone – there are many resources that can help.

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To get started, take a look at our special resources;

You’ll find tips and ideas for managing the harder parts of the holidays. You’ll also find some ideas for creating celebrations that work for you!

Take a look at our new video that shares ideas for making the holiday season a little happier.