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Occupational Training Course for Healthcare Providers

We recognize the commitment healthcare providers have to delivering the best possible support to clients. Wounded Warriors Canada and the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families are excited to announce Introduction to Trauma-Exposed Professionals training, available now on Wounded Warriors Canada’s Warrior Health platform.

We are here to assist your efforts to deliver evidence-based practices aimed at improving the mental health of Canadian Veterans and Veteran Families, by offering access to the Introduction to Trauma-Exposed Professionals course at no cost to 500 Canadian service providers who care for Veterans and Veteran Families.

This course is for healthcare providers who work with current or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), public safety personnel (PSP), and their Families. It was created for healthcare providers who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the unique experiences of those who work in professions where exposure to trauma may be a regular feature.

Dr. Tim Black, R. PsychThe course was developed by Wounded Warriors Canada’s National Clinical Advisor, Dr. Tim Black, R. Psych, with support from the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families. It provides culturally-specific clinical approaches to support the mental health needs of those who serve (or have served) Canada at home and abroad. As well, the course builds awareness of the divide that exists between trauma-exposed professionals and the public, who may not understand the potential impacts of their service on their mental health and well-being.

Learn more about this virtual, self-paced training developed in partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada, and confirm your eligibility: Introduction to Trauma-Exposed Professionals.