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We are not a service provider. To access support services, please visit our directory. If you are in distress, call or text 9-8-8.


This program directory can be used to help Veterans and Families find peer support programs that are designed for them and their needs.

Access the directory

The Peer Support Program Directory

The Peer Support Program Directory is an online repository of peer support programs designed for Veterans and Families. You can view it in list or map view, allowing you to compare and contrast peer support programs in your area and/or that are available to you.

Please note that the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families neither endorses nor recommends any of the peer support programs included in the directory, nor makes any guarantees about the quality of the programs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the directory

The Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) collected data about mental health supports available to Canadian public safety personnel, Veterans, and their Families. This information was used to create From this data set, CIPSRT generously shared with the Atlas Institute the information collected about peer support programs available to Veterans and Families. This Peer Support Program Directory was created by the Atlas Institute using CIPSRT’s data. The design and implementation of the tool was guided and supported by a project advisory committee consisting of representatives from a range of Veteran peer support programs. The Atlas Institute would like to thank CIPSRT and the project advisory committee for their support and contribution to this project.

The interactive webpage has both a map and list view that show you peer support services across Canada available to Veterans and Veteran Families. You can use the filters to select the specific types of services you would like to view, including filtering by participant (e.g. Veteran, spouses, children, etc.), topic (e.g. anger, anxiety, substance use, etc.), modality (in-person, web-based, etc.), structure (group, one-on-one, etc.), cost and language.

If you would like to get a program listed on the directory, please complete this form.

If there is an error or an update to the information about your peer support program, please complete this form.

Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment
Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families